Start-ups and early stage companies are becoming integral parts and significant drivers of India's economy. But every idea needs capital to blossom. For Entrepreneurs finding the right investor(s) to support their idea can be quite challenging due to lack of information about potential investors. Similarly, for Investors investing in these entities has largely been limited to large investors till now, as information about such Entrepreneurs has been limited.

Fund-a-Venture is an online information platform for Entrepreneurs with a business idea to connect with potential Investors.

Fund-a-Venture is an initiative of VentureBean Consulting.

  1. Easy and convenient way to discover, evoke interest and connect with potential informed investors
  2. Only relevant information input required for registration
  3. Filters allow quick and accurate profile matching with Investor's preferences
  4. 1 free mentoring session with a Consultant of VentureBean Consulting on registration
  5. Right now, registration on Fund-a-Venture for Entrepreneurs is available at 50% discount at Rs. 5000/- for 6 months.

  1. Easy and transparent access to a large base of Entrepreneurs
  2. Only ideas/entities which meet specified filters are presented, reducing information overload
  3. VentureBean validated Business Plans are highlighted separately
  4. Profiles can be marked "Private" if so desired
  5. Lower investment willingness of Rs. 5 lacs for registration
  6. Right now, registration on Fund-a-Venture for Investors is free